Tensions of Success and Envy (English)

This day-long study course addresses the tensions in lives and it is conducted in English.
The topic is dealt by dividing it into three parts viz. problem, proof and solution.
Tensions are created when individual endeavours fall prey to emotions. This proposition has been substantiated with the proofs in mathematics, physics, logic and biology.
The solution on tensions and envy for one’s success is: Daily concentration on the individual personality triangle, meditation, supported by voluntary sacrifice in the form of social service. It is conducted every alternate month on the second Sunday from 11 am to 5 pm.

Duration: 1 day
Language: English
Venue: Lonavla
Donation contribution: Rs. २१०/- per person.To book, click "Register Here" below.
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Tensions of Success and Envy (English) - 14/10/18 लोणावळा 14/10/2018 शिल्लक ऑफिस- (०२११४) २३४३७९,२३४३८० Add to Cart

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